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Name Our New Opossum Ambassador


We don't know very much of this young female Virginia Opossum's story, but after admitting her to the Wildlife Hospital and doing an exam, it was clear that she had been kept by someone for a period of months, and she hadn't received the proper diet while growing up.

The little opossum had lost part of her tail due to the improper care and nutrition provided to her by her rescuer. This is a common injury for opossums suffering malnutrition when they are young.

LynchKate_sleeping opossum.JPG

Due to her shortened tail (opossums don't hang by their tails, but they do use them as an extra appendage to carry leaves and sticks for bedding!) and her obvious habituation to humans, this little opossum was deemed nonreleaseable.

She will live full-time at WildCare as an educational Wildlife Ambassador animal in our Courtyard.

While we would prefer for this beautiful opossum to live free, we are excited to have her at WildCare to teach visitors how wonderful these marsupials truly are!

Deadline to vote is midnight on Friday, April 3, 2020.


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Questions? Email Alison at alison@discoverwildcare.org.



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