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Support Assembly Bill 2444 - California Parks Bond



Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814


Dear Assemblymember Garcia:

As a supporter of WildCare and a person who cares about wildlife in California, I am writing to express my support for AB 2444— the California Parks, Water, Climate, and Coastal Protection and Outdoor Access for All Act of 2016.

I believe in the bill's funding of parks, outdoor open spaces, waterways, wildlife corridors, climate change adaptation and other natural resource projects, and I am particularly excited about the inclusion of $10 million to fund competitive grants to wildlife rehabilitation facilities operated by nongovernmental entities.

California’s wildlife rehabilitation organizations are meeting important community and natural resource needs, and they deserve government support. However, most organizations are chronically underfunded and rarely, if ever, receive funds from any government agency.

WildCare's Wildlife Hospital treats nearly 4,000 ill, injured and orphaned wild animals every year. Over 200 different species of California wildlife pass through their doors, and the treatment of these patients informs and inspires their extensive environmental education programs that bring nature to more than 55,000 Bay Area kids and adults every year.

As with most wildlife centers, the staff and volunteers at WildCare perform their life-saving work through the generosity of individual donors and foundations, but without support from local or state government.

It is time for California government to recognize the valuable work organizations like WildCare do, and the inclusion of funds for capital projects in AB 2444 highlights the importance of wildlife medicine and rehabilitation to our community.

I hope my support will help you pass AB 2444 and enact a bond that will provide important funding for so many important environmental programs. Our natural resources, parks and wildlife are what make California great.


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